Winter Snow

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When it’s winter, and the weather is the way it is in New Jersey these days (more snow? really?), I get a little grumpy. Maybe more than a little. I know I’m not the happiest person to be around. Still, the people who love me continue to love me. YAY! And, even though my husband erased all my gmail contacts this morning in a fit of technological OOPS-ness, I still love him. What I’m saying is, love bends. It allows for cold days and big BOO BOOs (did I mention that my husband erased ALL of my gmail contacts?). Love takes a deep breath, it smiles, it maybe goes to the gym and works out a little aggression… Love hangs in there.

So let’s celebrate love this week, not just the romantic chocolate-y kind, the kind of love that shows up every day, that endures, and that makes even the ice-covered world melt away…

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