March 28, 2017

Letter to the Universe

I finished my memoir, and I sent it off to an agent who said she wanted to read it (Please send!!). The two exclamation points made […]
August 22, 2016

A Memoirish Thing

So, my husband goes, “What are you writing?” And I go, “A memoirish thing.” I don’t want to admit it. He reads non-fiction all the time—about […]
September 16, 2015

On Being a Real Writer

Yesterday, I was supposed to have a “me” day. My husband left to go watch football with some friends –he wouldn’t be back until evening. My […]
January 27, 2015

More peace. Less drama.

Every year at this time, we close both of the How to Live stores for about six weeks. People who don’t know me think that I […]
November 5, 2014

Designing the Future

So, I’ve been designing the 2016 How to Live at the Beach Calendar. Designing a calendar is like mapping out your life in advance–something that I […]
September 23, 2014


I am excited to tell you that my first mystery novel, SWAMPED, is now published. It is available as an ebook and soon will be available […]
May 28, 2014

Dream Crusher

We’re all on quests. Our lives are mythic journeys to discover who we are and our life’s purpose. We don’t see it that way. We see […]
April 29, 2014

Just Do It

OK, so I’ve had a toothache for two weeks now. My husband wants me to call the dentist again this morning. I already went back to […]
April 4, 2014

Stop Walking

  I forget that, in every journey, there are pauses.  It’s not all forward motion, not all highway.  I think of all the vacations I’ve been […]