How To Live

In How To Live, Sandy uses her uniquely, positive approach to life, and her wonderfully, imaginative watercolor drawings to offer guidance and encouragement to those who are in the midst of a period of change and growth.


Nobody goes to Florida in June. Except Lola Polenta. But, when you’re running away from your awful marriage, your boring teaching career and your life in New Jersey, you have to run to somewhere, right?

Lessons of a Turtle

Long ago, Sandy Gingras read “The Tortoise and the Hare,” a fable that teaches “slow and steady wins the race.” But she didn’t learn the lesson! Instead she lived the race of hurry-up and do-it-all every day. And it was tiring.

Thank You

As artist and writer Sandy Gingras so aptly points out in the introduction to her book Thank You, a life lived well is perhaps the highest form of thanks a person can give to teachers as a way of repaying them for their attention and effort.

How to Live in Flip-Flops

In How to Live in Flip-Flops, Sandy Gingras helps readers forget the complicated in favor of the simple, wonderful things in life.

Walks on the Beach

A beach-themed keepsake book that will appeal to those who are lucky enough to live at the beach and those who dream to. Inside this inspiring little book, author and artist Sandy Gingras offers ways to find peace, hope, and healing at the beach.

How to Live at the Beach

With delightful illustrations and simple prose, Sandy Gingras strips away the complicated, structured way of life we cling to and helps us find perspective and appreciation in simple things – like the beach.

100 Hugs

From successful author and watercolor artist Sandy Gingras comes one hundred metaphorical hugs in the form of watercolor paintings and inspirational words.

Life’s Better at the Beach

With water lapping at your feet, sunshine on your face, and a cold lemonade in your hand, life truly is better in a beach chair. The perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the simple pleasures of beach life.

Beach Wisdom

Sandy Gingras pays tribute to the pleasures of a day at the beach with her signature style of whimsical watercolors and just the right expressions.

Reasons to Be Happy

In Reasons to Be Happy, Sandy Gingras shares a heartfelt and eclectic list of things that should make everyone smile, all illustrated with her unique watercolor painting.

She Went Out on a Limb

A giftable read with a catchy title for anyone seeking promise, hope, solace, inspiration, and motivation through art and the power of words.

How to Be a Friend

”Friendship is going ahead with no map on a journey full of twisty turns, loop-de-loops, dead ends and detours. Allow for ups and downs. Have some play in your steering wheel,” writes author Sandy Gingras.

I Love You Because…

I Love You Because…is a gift from one tender-hearted lover to another. Whether it’s to celebrate an anniversary, a gift for Valentine’s Day, or a just because expression of your love.

Love Is…

Simple words and charming illustrations are the hallmarks of Sandy Gingras’s work. Sandy Gingras has great insight about love and happiness and what really matters in this life.

I Like You

An illustrated keepsake for your BFF that encompasses the ups, downs, and in-betweens of true friendship.

What a Woman Needs

I wrote this book because I needed to. I had forgotten about life in the process of living. What we really need in life is simple and, most of it, we already have. This book reminded me of how full my life really is.”

The Uh-Oh Heart

For all of us with uh-oh hearts fearful of growing, risking and loving, this touching gift book celebrates the forces that pull us out of ourselves and ultimately allow us to love.

Living with Hope

Living with Hope is for anyone who is coping with an illness or knows someone who is. It is an invitation to set aside the fear and seek hope.

Reasons to Be Happy

There are so many reasons to be happy at the beach. This little book delights in the counting of some favorites.

In A House By The Sea

In a genre all her own, Sandy Gingras mixes prose, poetry and artwork to delight readers with witty observation, reflection, and a depth of feeling in her deceptively simple series of books.

I Believe in You

Sandy Gingras brings her popular, hallmark style of a few, carefully chosen words and amusing watercolors to this enchanting, heartfelt book that celebrates the many ways you can encourage and support someone.


Simple words and charming illustrations are the hallmarks of Sandy Gingras’s work. In this book, she reflects on the fundamental things we often lose sight of in the frenzy of the holidays.

Thank You Mom

In Thank You Mom, watercolor artist and writer Sandy Gingras creates original paintings and heartfelt text for a one-of-a-kind tribute to one of the most influential people in everyone’s life: Mom.

How To Live On An Island

This charming illustrated gift book encourages us to live happily on simpler terms.

At The Beach House

A beach house is a uniquely special place – a place where memories of friendship, family and wonderful times are created within the timeless sound of the surf.

Not Even Close to What She Planned On

Enjoy the latest book, Not Even Close to What She Planned On, a chapbook by Sandy Gingras.