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Swamped - ebook-2I am excited to tell you that my first mystery novel, SWAMPED, is now published. It is available as an ebook and soon will be available in print.

Many people don’t know that I write “other things.” They think I just write and illustrate gift books. But I have been busy for years writing poetry and creative non-fiction and mystery novels. SWAMPED is the first in a comic/cozy series. The second novel in the series, BEACHED, won the Debut Dagger Award in 2012 (which is an award given by the Crime Writer’s Association for best unpublished novel). It’s still unpublished—but I’m working on that…

If you are curious about SWAMPED, this is a little bit of what it’s about:

Nobody goes to Florida in June. Except Lola Polenta. But, when you’re running away from your awful marriage, your boring teaching career and your life in New Jersey, you have to run to somewhere, right?

Except what happens when, if on the first night in your new home, you’re walking your dog and you trip and fall on top of a dead guy? What happens when the detective investigating the death (who also happens to be incredibly cute) thinks you killed the guy?

What happens is you better figure out who DID kill him.

But that’s not easy when you’re only on Lesson Two of the Online Private Detective Training Institute…

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