Stop Walking

Just Do It



I forget that, in every journey, there are pauses.  It’s not all forward motion, not all highway.  I think of all the vacations I’ve been on—it’s the stops along the way that I remember most.  For all of us, it’s the places that we pull off the road, look at the view, stop and have lunch, stay the night that matter.

At yet, when we talk about our personal journey to become ourselves, we don’t take into account the lulls, the places we pause to catch our breath, the quiet rest stops along the way.  I’m always frustrated when I hit spots in my life where it feels like nothing is happening.  When I feel like I’m in between things.  When I’m not DOING a lot.

But something is happening all the time even in the quietest moments—maybe ESPECIALLY in the quietest moments.

This is what I have to remember.  The road to becoming your true self is long.  It’s not all about action.  So give yourself a couple pauses today.  Stop and just breathe.  It smells like almost-spring, doesn’t it?  Look at those daffodils buds waiting for their moment to shine.   Take a moment to be thankful.  Consider it a valuable part of your journey.


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